Tease Flirt and Date European Women

 The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes 
Tease Flirt and Date European Women
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Tease Flirt and Date European Women. It’s about having fun with stereotypes in your conversations. This little book is packed with ideas and examples you can use infield. Easy reading, very visual.

Using Stereotypes

Stereotypes have some surprising applications which are very powerful tools when applied by a skilled operator – that will be YOU if you grow a pair and practice the verbal magic in here. This book will show you how to add some instant fun and personal connection even when talking to absolute strangers. It will give you an edge when under pressure doing a stack with someone new. Don’t worry about the terminology it’s all explained in the glossary and background material. All the waffle is cut out which makes it quick and easy to pick up.

Building Confidence

Your confidence and cold reading skills may go off the scale with the well chosen material in here when you get a quick handle on the traits and idiosyncrasies associated with our continental neighbours. It would also come in handy to readers of general studies, sociology, comedians, quizzers and trivia lovers. This cool publication is a tardis it even has a quiz that’s ready to go. There are sections on national dishes, flags, capitals and current populations. If you admire European women there are plenty of pics where you’ll get a real sense of the contrasts open to you and you’ll enjoy the wry humour.

Yorkshire author Eric Fisher leads you through Europe by population size to some of the well known and lesser celebrated countries. You’ll be surprised at what you find in this fun little book.

If you want to tease, flirt and date European women check out ‘The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes’ at this special discounted price for a limited time only. At £6.99 what have you got to lose ?

An infield clip of daygame (right) based on National stereotypes by one of the contemporary exponents of this method.

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