Kurdish Women’s Movement: “patriarchy is not natural” — StereoType Magazine

“Have any of you ever studied the origins of patriarchy at school?” Dilar Dirik asks, researcher in Sociology at Cambridge University and activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement. The rhetorical question slips into silence, so Dilar tries to summarize only 6.000 years of humanity on Earth, when, during Neolithic, the first “modern” societies were formed in Mesopotamia, India, China… matriarchal organizations, where women carried out internal, social, economic and political functions, and men external, subsistence and defense ones. At that time women had an enormous prestige, probably stemmed from the fact that they were considered the only procreative members of the group, prestige that it was taken away from them precisely when the men discovered their paternity…

Kurdish Women’s Movement: “patriarchy is not natural” — StereoType Magazine

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Published by Eric Fisher

Eric is a graduate of Environmental Science (Plymouth) BSc (Hons) and Technology (Cranfield) MSc. Author of : 'Compost Teas for the Organic Grower; (Permanent Publications) 'The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes; (Amazon) Ongoing Projects : greenseascrypto.com

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