London Daygame-lightening primer

A tough but extremely effective technique of cold approach for engaging strangers you want to date. It proceeds through a number of steps as illustrated below.

London Daygame Model

In 2019 the mainstream became more aware of daygame and did much to vilify it. If you compare that to the drunken exploits of people in bars and clubs it is pretty mild. If you are absolutely sensible and politically correct all the time you never get anywhere.

A ballsy dude earning his strips

The ‘London Daygame Model’ (LDM) which is pretty synonymous with just ‘Daygame’ arose somewhere on the streets of London, Shoreditch High Street probably. Top exponents today are Tom Torero and James Tusk but Kesia Noble, Hayley Quinn and James Marshall do some nice variations on this theme. I am inclined to think that there are aspects to it that are hardwired in our psyches. I came to it from a different direction, I was doing sales jobs and physically placing myself in front of people (although I never chased after them and never have which is a part of the LDG model) in the way they describe. My intentions were not romantic initially, that came later. Don’t be deceived by the haters this stuff works if you have the strength of will and confidence to build your skills. Therein lies the rub. I don’t do it myself now because I don’t need to, but the patterns exist in me and being a geek I find it interesting; hence my recent publication.

A snap shot of the model goes like this :

I just put this shot in to confuse you. It’s a pic of my former wing before she became a nun.

Breaking this down. The Approach, James Marshall does a really nice masterclass on this below. (If you are that cool, tall, high status and good looking the guy doesn’t have to do anything, he could just do Aesthetic Game; not doing much at all but looking good. Things would be easy for him unless he actively did things to screw it up, anyway. You are on a moderately busy street. Too busy becomes impractical and too quiet not enough potential. Grow yourself a pair. You go up to them, put yourself in front of them whilst trying not to freak them out; that’s the early vibing part you may have already got some I-O-I’s, where you try not to come across as psycho killer while saying something like ‘Hi, sorry, I know this a bit random but I just had to say something….’ This is the point where you insert your level of directness it doesn’t have to be verbal. Todd Valentine one of the top guys in America where approaches are rather different to English methods, would make some points about ‘validation’ at this stage but we don’t need to worry about that at the moment. Stats suggest a little kino (touching) here increases both your success rate and your creep factor – sorry feminists. BBC journalists love this stuff.

Now comes the fun part – Stacking. The masters put in a voodoo potion of all kinds of deceptively innocuous stuff here – NLP, weasel words, Negs, Pos’s. If your demeanor is on the darker side of things check out the daddy Russ Jeffries he is a brilliant practitioner and orator but I found his books rather incomplete and naff. It is about developing something, not freezing, not bailing and not making a total twat of yourself. You can riff on his/her style, imagined job or imagined nationality. It doesn’t have to be correct or even logical. That’s where the idea for the National Stereotypes thing came in, I had a lot of fun researching it and this is my plug.

If you have done your job right and the moon is right you’ll hit the hook point. At least according to the idealized model above, however it could happen earlier, later, or never. This is where your protagonist starts investing in the interaction. Stand back and let him/her engage. If you are slick you flip it and now he/she is trying, neat ay. Now more vibing. Your protagonist invests even more and you reach a kind of tipping point when leaving the interaction seems wasteful. Now for the ‘Conviction‘ phase and first of potentially many closes of various kinds. This is where the interaction is grounded ‘look we’ve both got to be somewhere, pity I was enjoying your chat shall we continue it sometime… give me your number.’ If you both feel like it you can try and have an instant date (I-Date).. ‘shall we grab a quick drink.’ Then if you really are in a hurry you build some more rapport and escalate.

Next up : ‘The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes’ – Posts

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  1. Oh you guys. Don’t be deceived if I’m feeling horny I might give you the impression you are doing something right other than being in the right place at the right time.


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