Biting on Granite? A new look at Lady Shields

Feeling weak inside, like something is shriveling in you and you are worthless ? Yup you’ve been hit by one of the Lady Shields but fear not, it might not be what it seems. This post looks at your path from AFC to player.

A tough call…Men (or Bold others) only need apply…

For your information the Lady Shield is the euphismised version of the B***h Tests, B***h Test or S**t Tests. I didn’t use the latter terms because it just feeds the false perception that all guys/others who want to use game to date women are misogynist creeps. The Lady Shield is an almost automatic response that (usually) women make when they are approached by someone they want to go away or would like to test as a potential suitor. The shield doesn’t just come up at the approach it is ongoing; get used to it.

Your background knowledge must hit the streets…

Ok so you’ve YouTubed a bit of stuff on daygame. You know the usual crowd, Uncle Tom Torero, The Tusk, Mystery, Streuss, Ross Jeffries, Kezia Noble, Todd Valentine, Haylee Quinn. If you have dug a little deeper you may have even come across my recent publication which expands on the ‘stack‘ in a fun and useful way.

In the world before Corona you are in a busy street you see a hot person who’s looking over. You feel the need to cross that bridge, you know, the one that falls apart before you get across it. So you begin ‘Hi, I saw you looking. Just had to say something…’

Hot person senses your fear : ‘I have a boyfriend’. Game over before it even began. ….You keep going with a few canned responses and they just get more peeved.

Your Vibe

It’s never going to work if you look terrified. After you’ve done a few approaches or you have got confident from real life in some way, you reach a point where you just don’t care anymore. Be self-reflective keep a diary, note down what happens, meditate on it. What you did right and what you did wrong then make adjustments for next time. It’s pretty simple, it is a well known practice in many professions; not to suggest that this is your profession ! It works if you stick with it and you’ll develop the reference experiences you need to transcend your limitations. After this, inconceivable as it sounds the approach thing actually becomes fun. It is a dangerous place you are in now and you realise why it’s called Game.

Think about this person’s character

When you approach this new person are they being this horrible and petty over something that is pretty minor, do you really want this in your life ? I know you still may be admiring their beauty as they tear you apart. It is important to consider their value as a person rather than just making your assessment, as most guys do, on hotness. Also it might help that you don’t look at her like a piece of meat although sometimes if they’re into it things move differently. Reflecting on the range of negative expressions can be almost comical and also can be totally out of proportion to what is going on. To be fair it might just be the front she/other makes when someone tries it on, but you cannot be sure they might just be a bunny boiling psycho and best left well alone.

As a follow up to this post I am just in the process of doing ‘The Dirty Dozen of Lady Shields: Rebuffed’ so watch this space.

Next Up : If you like this kind of discussion why not check out my paperback ?

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