Croatian Women. Experiences of the Tusk and a sneak peek.

In this short post we reflect on the traits of Croatian Women then go on to view a clip by James Tusk one of the top dating coaches. Finally take a free peek at a sample from my latest publication which explores European stereotypes with plenty of tips for the daygamer.

2012 Miss Universe Pageant Preliminary Competition at PH Live Theatre in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas – Swimwear Featuring: Elizabeta Burg, Miss Croatia Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 13 Dec 2012 Credit: Judy Eddy/


Croatian women tend to be tanned, slim and tall. They generally have dark hair, but there are still plenty of blondes around. Characteristically Croatian women have Mediterranean olive skin which is reflected by their climate. Many Croatian women are elegant with long necks and they take proper care of themselves with model physiques unlike our English counterparts.


Croatians as a whole tend to be pretty chilled out, happy and open. They are generally more willing to talk than people in the Uk. Many southern slavic Croatians are so gorgeous that they don’t have to do normal work, they just win beauty contests and do promotions.

The Tusk’s Experience Of Croatian Women in Zagreb

The clip below features Mr Tusk reviewing the delights of Zagreb which is the capital of Croatia. He supplies plenty of advice for travelers if you are planning a visit. Mr T then spends quite some time reflecting on the traits of different European women. If you want to check out more of the Tusk in Zagreb I spotted another clip here.

If are planning a tour and want to check out the traits of different European women why not roll over to my gallery or get my recent book.

Check out more stereotypes with my recent publication : ‘The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes’

Sample Page Below

Sample Page from ‘The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes

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