Daygaming Marathon | Francesco and the Tusk In The Big Smoke

This shows the Tusk coaching Francesco as he builds confidence and skill putting some skin on the line in a mega daygaming sesh.  Riffing on national stereotypes – ‘You look like a Russian, because of the brown hair, brown eyes and the big coat’ from the clip.

I got a lot of my inspiration from infield filming like this, it gives you something to get hold of. I guess the best ideas come raw from your own day to day experiences. If you see things like me that would include dreams and reveries also.

I use my own original material in the book but this example of daygaming gives a real infield insight showing how stacks on national stereotypes work on the street. This episode is half way through Francesco’s epic journey as he becomes an awesome daygamer.

Stacking on national stereotypes is a great way to continue an interaction with someone new after an introduction. If you aren’t familiar with daygaming check out this post which gives an outline of whats going on. With assumption stacking you can cheat with just learning a few general sterotypes as daygame coach Tom Torero does. If he gets it wrong it doesn’t matter because it still provokes a reaction and provides more opportunities for him to tease and spike. However more can be better as James Tusk uses his travels and stereotypes lingo to DHV to the max.

Next Up : The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes

Proudly Hosted by Yorkshire Author Eric Fisher

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