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Buff guy in short sleeved red cheque shirt, torn jeans and well groomed. Fashion for Daygamers - Pass.

Whatever your angle it is going to be better if you look good. Speedy guide to aesthetic game, outzone. Hits, fails and foibles. Take 5 and check out Fashion for Daygamers.

When I introduce ‘Outzone’ I am discussing locations that are not central global metropolitan areas where more fashion latitude is fine. Also separate are the little cliques of punks, bodybuilders, Goths and so forth where different rules apply although these extremes can be influential. Really we are thinking on the calibration level and it’s very relative.  Must say I’m finding it a lot easier to spot disastrous clothing fails than stuff that looks good. It’s horses for courses I guess if you are doing an Instagram posing shoot or a wine tasting at a 5 star + chateaux that would be a different matter. I am talking here about dudes looking great going about doing their day to day affairs and ready for whatever might come their way.

The Dude rocks, pity about Mr Florence

Regarding Mr Denzel Washington (top left) this guy pulls it off nicely but it is hard to separate his look from his clothing; he would probably cut it in all sorts of outfits that may be awkward on another guy. For our gent (top middle) in the cowboy hat, he may look cool in Florence or even London but in a smaller Northern town he would be viewed as a suitable candidate for the Village People. If that is his intention it’s fine he would be a real hit in Manchester’s gay village sector.

Don’t go over the top on the training bro’

Because we are talking about aesthetic game it is not just fashion choice; it’s grooming, general health, posture, muscles and reduced fat. There is a cool blog here that goes into some further detail. The reason I give this bodybuilding guy Jay Cutler (top right) a fail is that for the standard distribution of female attraction, too much muscle is off-putting and freaky but it would be impressive to the small percentage who are into that sort of thing. Also there is the stereotypical assumption that because he is a bodybuilder he is also vain. Probably true but not necessarily. For example this gent might just be extremely driven to succeed at something and he chose this.

Narcissism Sucks

Getting onto to the real nightmares (second row down), these guys look fine but come across as complete dicks. It is just marketing to metrosexual guys with zero emotional intelligence. Chicks pick up on the slightest whiff of vanity and move on. At least based on the pics these fellows present a Narcissistic demeanor, which is nauseating to almost anyone. The fashion industry markets to the metrosexual guy and makes mugs of them. If you want to find out more about Narcissism there is a really nice blog about that but to cut to it, these guys fall in love with their own refection then get stuck there; it is truly horrible. I see it everyday at the gym. Maybe I am prejudiced but I don’t mind seeing it so much in women.

With Fashion for Daygamers on a practical level if it’s cold for a guy doing street hustle he needs to be comfortable. He also needs somewhere safe for his money and phone. Check out the dude with the coat (bottom right). A spitting image of daygame rockstar himself James Tusk. A zip pocket might come in handy but it needs to be easy to use so he can whip out his, phone, when he needs to.


Regarding the remaining green ticks these seem Ok depending on what is congruent to your vibe.  The inked guy in the snazzy waistcoat looks suave and the well groomed hipster (Featured) showing off a good level of muscle development looks just right. Personally I wouldn’t wear the bottoms of my jeans like that but I know that is on trend at the moment and it’s not about me.

The Sweat Studies may surprise you

Getting onto the final and invisible topic, smells. It is the cherry on top. The cassolette as highlighted in my latest book (The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes, pp.12) doesn’t go down so well with women if the sweaty aspect is too dominant. For your information this is the combined effect of sweat and perfume. The confounding thing is that studies suggest that a whiff can increase female arousal. The best compromise is a stealth approach with a little fresh sweat masked by a quality fragrance; yes I know that might not be what you’d expect. The moment they notice the sweat aspect it’s game over regardless of what their physiology is doing.

Clean, distinctive and expensive is good you can check it out on YouTube but don’t use too much. Demi Rawling is currently my favourite reviewer and it makes sense to get a female viewpoint unless you happen to be gay. These are my personal favourites below. You can shop around on Ebay and get some decent deals or use testers if you are broke.

Moving for forward with Fashion to Daygamers you might be wondering what this all about. If this is you check out London Daygame and PUA Glossary- Core Version

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