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Green Lighting is picking up on and exploiting positive queues from people you’d like to date. We will go into what the pro’s call I-O-Is and the dynamics of this in the field.

His majesty the webmaster asked me to write this article I guess because he needed someone like me to get down and dirty which he doesn’t like doing himself, figuratively speaking 🙂 I am a hot bisexual Estonian girl and former escort, so I’ve seen it from many sides. Believe me many guys are only just catching up to all this. It’s like comparing smoke signals to 5G with some of them. You don’t want to be that person.

In the arc of a guy doing daygame, he is hammered relentlessly with rejection until he grows a second skin and doesn’t care anymore. Many poor soles don’t make it this far. This is for you. The standard daygamer might do 10-20 approaches in the course of his day, you may do under 5.

Be Ready

It is more of a tactical waiting game that you can stack in your favour. When you are out and about doing your chores leave yourself a little extra time so you can be more receptive to possibilities. There could be oceans flowing down the drain if you are just running from A to B rather than savouring the moment. Of course make sure you are looking and smelling good too that’s a no brainer.

You don’t have to have testicles the size of rhinos….

You don’t hear a lot about Green Lighting from the PUA gurus. The reason being that it is easier and you don’t have to have testicles the size of rhinos to progress. Yup I just said that. However many of the PUA skills are useful and very much still valid here.

Indicators of Interest otherwise known as I-O-Is

Speaking from experience I often see guys I fancy on the street, I eyeball them or whatever because during the day I never really expect someone will be ballsy enough to go for it. So you might say that I don’t bother being coy and it’s the same for other chicetes out there, we really down let our uptight puritan sisters and believe me there are many in England. It is like a secret society of hierarchy driven anal retentive mercenaries. They do a lot of slut shaming and I’m a slut, by their understanding. Don’t waste your time on them they will just make you unhappy. But enough about those sad cows. What you need is a hot dagf like me to rock your world 🙂

…somehow starts removing items of clothing…

If you are a geek, sorry guys, you may have dug deep enough to spot Mystery and read his theories of hardwired behaviours which are similar to apes, oo oo ar. Well in a Nut-shell monkey traits like flicking hair, preening and so on. It is often more subtle. She might back into you or spill a beer on you, always presume it wasn’t actually an accident. A lot of it can be unconscious, and quite delicious. Like when the girl you are talking to somehow starts removing items of clothing to let you check her out better. You know when that happens believe me but don’t be obvious guys hold back a bit or you’ll come across as a desperado which is a massive turn off.

If you are naturally good at something, you have the potential to become awesome…

Regarding Green Lighting, the naturals just seem to catch on as easy as breathing. To be clear a natural in this context is someone who is good with pick-up with no explicit training. If you are one of them you maybe feel you don’t need to be reading this. I would dispute that though because if you are naturally good at something, you have the potential to become awesome which doesn’t happen overnight. Usain Bolt may have been born with the attributes of a Cheetah but he still had to practice and erm’ change his name to ‘Bolt’. In contrary fashion Natural PUA guru Mr James Marshall is in the nurture camp with this stuff, but good Sir I must protest there is Nature too, couldn’t some of this be hard wired ?? I digress.

…turn you into a needy reactive lap dog…

Don’t get played by attention whores and let them take the p***s. The moment you fall for their fake games it’s game over. They just wanted a bit of attention, and validation. They might have been just showing off to their snarky friends and you’ve just given them that. Thanks sucker and goodbye. A typical attention whore might make you chase after them and turn you into a needy reactive little lap dog wanting a tasty snack. So don’t be their bitch.

The Remedy

If they are being brassy just go in, make a little move or a neg then shut it down and let them do the work. The key is to de-validate them subtly but without mercy, lets face it they really deserve it. If it was me I might a get a bit scary and really make them wet their panties but I don’t recommend it, things can get messy. Then you might a bit evil and generate lots of lose ends like Mystery himself or Julien Blanc.  Turn the tables, but keep it jolly people. Others may need a more sensitive approach, you’ve got to pick up on this or it won’t work.

…eyeballing the hell out of you

Trouble is that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate peoples’ motives. She could be walking down the street eyeballing the hell out of you. She can be eyeballing you at the gym, just to see if you are perving or she can horny as hell. I know it’s not fair. Let’s face it they don’t expect some pussy guy to go up so it’s self fulfilling really. You have been challenged, you don’t go up, game over.

You could be better off…

Shy girls have something special don’t you think ?

You could be better off talking to the shy girl in the corner who keeps looking away and blushing than the brazen cock jockey felating her straw at you and laughing with her mates.

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In-house author Aaltje Holland was born in Estonia and is a former escort and cage fighter. She now has a sedate job in Hotel Management. She would like to develop her career in coaching while she studies for her Phd in psychology.



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