Female Attraction – New Shock Study; Creeps Win Again.

Guess we all kind of knew it. This small study further confirms that guys who behave come last when it comes to female attraction. The study revealed that if a guy who the female considers attractive does some creepy moves she tends to be Ok with it. The shocking part is the extent as described below.

When showed this pic of Christopher Lee as the Witchfinder General, high levels of female attraction were recorded.
Is the fictional character ‘The Witchfinder General’ as rendered by Christopher Lee attractive to women ?

The reason this question was asked was to find out if an attractive authority figure who used despicable and creepy tactics could still arouse women. A related study found that when approaching women initial physical contact showed a higher success rate – so wrong.

Professional ethics were completely out of the window with this study and if I was a part of any professional psychological organisation I would be struck off.
In the short survey I conducted informally, it was an emphatic YES (85%) to the above but only when anonymity was assured (55% in groups). The main limitation of the study was that it was difficult for drunk women to differentiate the role from the man. Also, ahem, the fact that they were squiffy. It was conducted casually over a few months in various public houses around North Yorkshire. As far as I am aware I did not quiz any transsexuals or men.

‘…answers where completely different from the same person asked in a group…’

What was telling was that the answers on female attraction where completely different from the same person asked to a group to being asked privately. This confirms what Tom Torero describes in his marvellously underground book ‘Below The Belt‘. He suggests women are ‘shapeshifters’ meaning that their demeanour is often very situational. Indeed they may be a lady on the street and a whore in the bedroom. You can be making an approach. It’s all going well, then their favourite aunt rocks up and she is suddenly outraged. Similarly in the well known media scandal featuring our hero Julien Blanc in his pimpy days. It wasn’t that he choked a women to get her to comply that had caused all the outrage. Rather it was that he choked her and she liked it.

‘….would you like to get blackmailed and seduced by the Witchfinder General’

Regarding the different reactions between group and private it was hard to get very concrete reasons for this disparity. It was a shocking to me that 80% of women said that when prompted that they would like to get blackmailed and seduced by him. It was supported though since 90% of the same test group aged 18-37 years agreed that ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ and ‘The Secretary’ made them feel horny. So no s**t Sherlock. I am enjoying the speculation now that it was down to Stockholm Syndrome. It certainly would not have been so much fun if I’d done it behind a screen.

Deceptively attractive to some

The real shocker for me was that 10% of women interviewed found Darth Sidious above attractive. When asked why they said that he was mysterious, powerful and loyal to his followers. It could be speculated that ambitious guys with a high status can be appealing to women. And let’s face it Mr Sidious is very ambitious and has a very high status.

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