New Study Demonises Masculinity with a Feminising Agenda

Nurses castrating a macho male who is getting the chop to make him behave.
Nurses castrating a macho male who is getting the chop to make him behave.
‘Thankyou for helping me with my sexuality. Sorry to disappoint – I am no threat to you now’

This New Study Demonises Masculinity with a feminising agenda which was described in ‘The Conversation‘. It was entitled ‘Forceful and dominant: men with sexist ideas of masculinity are more likely to abuse women‘ which already sets out with a skewed agenda. Macho men could equate in a way with Alpha males as described in my glossary. Supposedly commissioned by ‘Our Watch‘ the links to the actual study are dead which suggests it might be fake.

‘…Just Get Out the Shears…’

It advocates that masculinity is redefined but why wrap it up I ask – just get out the shears. The focus was on Australian macho culture which was extrapolated to include every macho guy in every country. The study inferred that if you are macho guy you are an abuser which adds to the rhetoric of toxic feminism. It can be likened to the sanctimonious manner of a priest suggesting to his/her parishioners that if you lie then you steal.

Gender Manipulation is Abusive

The study did not explore that 25% of guys were dodgy masculine males, whilst the other 75% were not respected by their female counterparts. They were treated like a joke and never got any action.

In ‘Psychology Today’ studies suggest that attempts to interfere with peoples genders, which the study above advocates, amounts to emotional castration and is abusive.

Methods of male castration hosted by an attractive busty blonde teen.
She is keen to progress in her nursing career. Do you almost wish it was you ? Well you’ve got problems then.

In conclusion and to repeat because the SEO optimiser tells me to – this New Study Demonises Masculinity.

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