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Getting a quick handle on some of the main terms can go a long way. With this Pua Glossary-core version I have intentionally just added the key terms here, with some nice nuances included along the way for weary blog travellers. If you want longer and more detailed explanations check out my recent page which goes a little deeper. Some of these words exist in the outside world but may have a particular meaning in this context. There are a lot of Nerds out there in a special subculture who have developed their own language and have expanded this list vastly. They spend many hours driving their couches on forums arguing, trolling, re-phasing…  endlessly. This site is not about that but if you want to get a quick handle on things, proceed Sir or Madam.

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump.

AMOG – Alpha Male Of the Group which can be very ambiguous and open to manipulation by certain individuals.

AMOGed – Getting sand kicked in your face. Nice Infield example.

Bitch Tests – A.k.a. Shit Tests. These go back to the ark and are very special. Your potential dates may brutally test your metal with insults, abuse, hostility but it is better than indifference. Examples – you are too old/young/short/bald etc etc. But alas like baby turtles trying to make it to sea many are finished at this point never to return. If they don’t see you as a prospect they probably wouldn’t bother.

Calibration. Being socially aware to the nuances in your interactions and appearance, then adapting your behaviour accordingly.

Cold Approach – Going up to a stranger.

Daygame – As distinct from Nightgame. The practice of making approaches during the day with direct or indirect romantic intentions.

Direct Approach – Going up to someone and admitting a romantic interest. For example, ‘Hi I know this isn’t usual. I saw you looking and thought you looked cute’.

Flaking – When a person doesn’t show up or cancels a date.

Friend Zone – Being considered as a friend when you want to be a lover.

Indirect Approach – Going up to someone and not admitting a romantic interest even though you do have one. For example, ‘Can you give me directions to the nearest brothel’.

Infield – A daygame related interaction in public.

I-O-I – Indicator of Interest which could include a smile, a look or even a blush.

Kino – Touching. A misnomer which is abbreviated from Kinaesthetic. The actual word means something different out of this context.

London Daygame Model A significant method of cold approach which presumably came from London although it’s roots are very hazy. Top exponents of this method are Tom Torero and James Tusk.

Negging – Welcome to the dark side of game. Devalidating or giving mixed signals with the intention of hooking attention and encouraging the subject/victim to try to regain validation. The previous king of this dark art was Julien Blanc  before he went down the rabbit hole of cult leader. It could be a back handed compliment or a dastardly put down. Many practitioners re-frame this practice as teasing today which is a milder and less offensive form.

Nightgame – As distinct from Daygame. The practice of making approaches during the night with direct or indirect romantic intentions.

Number Close – Getting someone’s phone number which is synonymous with the lexicon of sales people. In many ways the pursuits of a Daygamer has many parallels with sales especially from a psychological perspective.

PUA – Pick Up Artist. A much despised role today.

Rapport – An understanding, an empathy close and harmonious between one or more people. For mages of mischief it’s a glamour which he/she can caste towards an absolute stranger. It can be totally fake unless you subscribe to the view the bonds between any human is great and every human is intimately bonded in some profound and transcendent way.

Sarging – A central term in Daygame which means going round and making approaches.

Stacking – Stacking or Assumption Stacking is making guesses about someone then telling them about it. It could be based on appearance, voice or situational cues which are used by Daygamers to move the conversation forward, create loose ends and to build some fun or controversy. They don’t have to be correct to work and they help you stay in the game especially if you run out of things to say.

Vibing – A feeling or sense of a person. In this context someone might try to come across as fun, sexual, dangerous et cetera even before anything is said. See London Daygame Model – a lightening primer.

If you see her, please return her to me; I mislaid her in New York
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Next Up : London Daygame – a lightening primer

Post Script ….

Just added this as an afterthought. I am trying to stay in the real world with this stuff but there is a massive subculture here. There are many words, phases and acronyms that are a long way from the mainstream. Thought I would drop a few appropriate links here for interest. What tickles me is that the cliques and subcultures are not talking to each other so much so the language is branching, like the Towers of Babel; well just a little.

Acronyms only. is handy if you are reading blogs about this stuff which in normal parlance can seem like a rather geeky secret society. If it flies like a duck and quacks like a duck…

A very extensive glossary which doesn’t have any quality control. There are some great entries but some make me cringe.

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    1. Hi Shanice, delighted that you made it to this bit of the web and thanks for your feedback. Just curious how did you find your way here? Regarding your question I am just doing a more extensive one now as a ‘page’ on here. Keep an eye out 🙂 Any suggestions for visuals, what floats your boat ? I confess that I am a bit of a glossary geek and like writing them so there will be more distilled and clarified definitions for the seeker, and plenty of original material coming soon.

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