Romance a Gym Junkie – By Aaltje Holland

Hot blonde Gym Junkie

Uptight, obsessive, narcissistic – Romance a Gym Junkie ? Are you sure ?? Anything to hit up dat cute ass ay. Beware, those thighs could crush your nuts as easy as doing a 100k squat.

My method is probably most suited to thoughtful intellectual geeks, no shame in that. It presupposes that you are not a retard and can hold a conversation. Given that the average reading age of Brits is around that of a 12 year old this material should be considered as intermediate level game.

First things first, find yourself a gym you don’t intend to stay long in. Things can get messy if you hang around, like trying it on with a flat mate. It can get awkward. Ok my style flirts with the darkside, nice guys come last I am afraid. Or rather to qualify this as my webmaster/master keeping banging on about – weak guys who rationalise their weakness as niceness come last.

My Approach

It is rather exotic in that it draws from method acting, the controversial gunwitch angle, visualisation and inner game. If you want to put it in a box then it’s indirect. Successful Daygamers generally like Direct game but it’s a bit different at the gym. If you make a dick of yourself it will keep coming back to haunt you; presuming you don’t get planted before that. Even with my more covert approach you would probably need to move on after a certain point, so don’t get too comfy.

You have to watch your back in the field

It is best, and fun to see yourself as a special agent in dangerous territory because if you make a few necessary mistakes in your arc things can go bad fast, watch out for those cctv cams.

All I ask is that you try it before you diss it, because done right my method is awesome.

Step 1. Easy cowboy. Do some inner game. Make sure you look good, smell good and project yourself well. I can help with that call me :). In standard daygame all the work is done in one go, all or nothing. You will likely see those honeys more than once so chill dude. Take your time find 5 women you are interested in and become aware of them. I don’t mean putting your nose down the cleft of their asses as they squat like some kind of ‘spit on your grave‘ reject. Or for that matter eyeballing the f**k out of them till they call security. No we are talking about something all together more Zenish or if you are good – Tantric. I kid you not.

Keep a diary. Meditate on them with wistful intent, keep it under the radar. You’ll be disturbed at how quickly they pick up on just this. As they are looking over it is highly possible that they too have a hardon, but in their clitorises as the tip is rubbing against their skin tight lycra as they thrust and squat. Do I need to tell you that the button is the top of one horny penis like organ ? It’s your job to make your target hoes one so engorged that she’s bustin’.

Hot brunette gym junkie doing bench pulls for practice. She is like an iceberg right now and you imagine what she’ll be like when she loses her cool. She pumps faster and faster as she looks over at you.

Put down your reflections in your new diary or your Ipad if you prefer. If it reads something like Fifty Shades of Grey that’s fine. Remember those cock and pussy hungry bints made it a best seller. You’ve got to obsess over them a bit so that when you see her you’ll almost blush. If you are turned on when you talk to her, you are more likely to get her turned on too. Crazy science ay.

….it’s so easy to approach these girls.

If you can live with yourself sign up for a few naff classes just to get your engine running. You heard it here first Les Mills classes are totally crap, cheesy and don’t work- for losing fat that is. But that isn’t your main reason for being there you sick puppy. It’s 95% women; I like those odds. I’m a bi chick so it’s a bit different with me but I’ve coached and winged guys and it’s so easy to approach these girls.

If I’m around it’s just too easy really so I work on their solo game too. It rapidly becomes like shooting fish in a barrel. Most of the guys in there must be gay or something because those hoes in training are keen but you still have to show you’re not a dick. Your value needs to be intrinsic before you even speak hence in part my mention of inner game earlier. Grandpa Eric Von Markovik liked doing the Dhv thing with good reason but he had a lot of other tricks up his sleeve, literally.

Step 2. Make contact. Any excuse but keep it indirect for a few sessions. Think horse whispering. If she is super hot just treat her like you would an average looking chick. Resist the urge to prostrate yourself at her feet like an unworthy retch.

…make your common bond of the gym explicit

Step 3. Just in passing have a light conversation with one your targets. Don’t treat it like a daygame style approach just treat it like you are speaking to another average human. They will sense your lack of deference and this is where it gets interesting, do they fall into your frame or act like a total freak ? You win either way. If she acts bitchy, act surprised, it’s on her not you. Think about it later, think about what vibes you are giving off. If your inner game is cool you will pull it off 99% of the time. That is rather a contrast to standard daygame don’t you think ?

I am of the view that in the gym the hot chicks like own it, this is their territory. They are confident here in this controlled environment with the cctvs and gym staff where in the outside world your approaches would be rebuffed more harshly.

…this works better than anything…

If you can somehow approach your gym junkie in another location, this works better than anything I have found. My theory is that when you were just in the gym with her you are just random public but when you approach her out of that setting, you make your common bond of the gym explicit. It also makes your approach more justifiable. Effortless, effective and cool. Touch her somehow you have to make it feel natural, nothing heavy. This stage is very important. Check out the witchgun method, but not to the degree that you risk arrest ! Preparing for the next stage you’ve got to time it right, three or four light conversations max.

Time to hit up dat cute ass – softly softly catchy monkey

Step 4. Time to put some skin on the line and hit up dat cute ass. Your gym junkie hoe in waiting has got to be ready but it’s better to get burned than hang around too long because the dreaded friend zone beckons. Don’t invite her sky diving. Do as the delectable dating coach Haylee Quinn suggests use low hanging fruit. Invite her for a light refresher at your local juice bar after she’s done her squats or has finished pretending to exercise whilst posing. If she knocks you back with an excuse it’s no biggy, just keep it cool. Try again later.

The unconiuos attraction to this post left is the most significant aspect of this pic. Beware of the Princesses they are so up themselves .
Every time they have a period they crave cock, then are disgusted with themselves afterwards. Catch them when the Moon is right.

This s**t works. Tell me how you get on. Love Aaltje your horny wing xxxxx

In-house author Aaltje Holland was born in Estonia and is a former escort and cage fighter. She now has a sedate job in Hotel Management. She would like to develop her career in coaching while she studies for her Phd in psychology.

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