Biting on Granite? A new look at Lady Shields

Feeling weak inside, like something is shriveling in you and you are worthless ? Yup you’ve been hit by one of the Lady Shields but fear not, it might not be what it seems. This post looks at your path from AFC to player. A tough call…Men (or Bold others) only need apply… For yourContinue reading “Biting on Granite? A new look at Lady Shields”

The Seven Deadly Sins of Game

Don’t panic this is going to be the best bible reading you’ve ever had. For your information the Seven Deadly Sins of Game are Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Despair, Wrath, Vainglory and Sloth. I am coming to this from a non-religious perspective and reflecting on how these traits apply to Game. No.1 Gluttony For theContinue reading “The Seven Deadly Sins of Game”