Green Lighting – Slackers’ Guide

Green Lighting is picking up on and exploiting positive queues from people you’d like to date. We will go into what the pro’s call I-O-Is and the dynamics of this in the field. His majesty the webmaster asked me to write this article I guess because he needed someone like me to get down andContinue reading “Green Lighting – Slackers’ Guide”

Female Attraction – New Shock Study; Creeps Win Again.

Guess we all kind of knew it. This small study further confirms that guys who behave come last when it comes to female attraction. The study revealed that if a guy who the female considers attractive does some creepy moves she tends to be Ok with it. The shocking part is the extent as describedContinue reading “Female Attraction – New Shock Study; Creeps Win Again.”

The Seven Deadly Sins of Game

Don’t panic this is going to be the best bible reading you’ve ever had. For your information the Seven Deadly Sins of Game are Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Despair, Wrath, Vainglory and Sloth. I am coming to this from a non-religious perspective and reflecting on how these traits apply to Game. No.1 Gluttony For theContinue reading “The Seven Deadly Sins of Game”

Daygaming Marathon | Francesco and the Tusk In The Big Smoke

This shows the Tusk coaching Francesco as he builds confidence and skill putting some skin on the line in a mega daygaming sesh.  Riffing on national stereotypes – ‘You look like a Russian, because of the brown hair, brown eyes and the big coat’ from the clip. I got a lot of my inspiration fromContinue reading “Daygaming Marathon | Francesco and the Tusk In The Big Smoke”