The Seven Deadly Sins of Game

Don’t panic this is going to be the best bible reading you’ve ever had. For your information the Seven Deadly Sins of Game are Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Despair, Wrath, Vainglory and Sloth. I am coming to this from a non-religious perspective and reflecting on how these traits apply to Game.

The late Vincent Price looking suitably pious, tearing it up as ‘The Witchfinder General’ who manages all 7 of the
Deadly Sins of Game with some Dark Triad to boot.

No.1 Gluttony

For the gamer this has two aspects one obvious, one subtle and malfeasant. The first aspect is that you want to look good. If you don’t exercise and cannot control what you put in your mouth; it won’t go so well for you. Of course it is true that you can be in a poor physical state and do well at Game but we are considering an ideal here. Quite often guys who get into it are on a journey of self-improvement and getting fit is part of the package, enough said.

Now for the second aspect here and in this historical context gluttony doesn’t just mean over eating it means over-indulgence with anything. I use the analogy of a fox in a chicken coop. You got your game up to a good level and it can take over your life. You may have been deprived all your life and it becomes an orgy of over compensation. Your indulgence is untempered and abandoned which creates chaos in your personal life and ruin 🙂

No.2 Lust

Lust as if you didn’t already know is intense and unbridled desire. It is just a thought but do you really want to dedicate your life just to achieving that gratification ? Ok I tried. According to the hardcore Catholic dude Henry Edward Manning the impurity of lust transforms one into “a slave of the devil”. It is often considered to be the least serious the deadly sins, but you are still going to hell my friend.

In Dante’s Inferno this happy couple were damned for fornicating

No.3 Greed

According to the Church this is an artificial, rapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions. This is yet another sin of desire, so put away your new I-phone you little sinner. According to the man with a mission Henry Edward, greed in the shape of avarice ‘plunges a man deep into the mire of this world, so that he makes it to be his god’. What’s this mean for the gamer ? It means accumulating notches on your belt and objectifying women/(men?) by collecting them as trophies. Then you might run yourself ragged dating a different girls or boys everyday; it can get stressful.

No.4 Pride

If you never went to school, have lived under a rock all your life and don’t know what this word means it’s a feeling satisfaction from your own achievements. According to the da Church it’s the number one sin, so you better quite showing off man. It is particularly dangerous to successful gamers because we are edging into the dreaded Dark Triad. This is the ‘immoral trifecta of personality traits‘ of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Think Charles Manson, David Koresh or the Rolls-Royces Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, it all ends badly for them.

No. 4 Despair

This is particularly significant to dudes just starting out in game, it is easy to get despondent and give up before you get anywhere. You can then rationalise it and tell yourself it is all fake and not a viable process. Going up to someone with no confidence and poor game is no fun. A lot of guys give up before they the get past the first massive cultural and personal barrier of approaching people you don’t know.

In other more open societies it is not such an issue. However for the English and certain others like the Finns, it’s the number one issue. That feeling like ‘what the heck am I doing’ and ‘this is too hard’ and so forth never totally leaves. However some reach a flipping point where the fear becomes motivating force and start to get a buzz from it. Tread warily my friend.

No. 5 Wrath

She’s incredulous looking at you like something she picked up on her leather riding boot.
You owe it to yourself to hold your frame, or just leave the miserable cow alone and move on.
Do you really want that in your face everyday. Hmm ?

This one made me chuckle – feeling butt hurt after another brutal rejection ? You respond like a silly little boy mumbling something unprintable. You are another sinner bro’. At the moment you should put aside your insecurities and man up, you crumble, you fail that challenge and call her a ‘F*****g S***k Up B***h and fade into the shadows. Another more seasoned gamer would show his metal under pressure and see it as an opportunity.

No.6 Vainglory

Not a word in general usage today so you would be forgiven if you don’t know it. It means unjustified boasting. Did your wing say he had a date today ? You say you’ve got ten, when really you have zero. Are you too proud and narcissistic to admit your failings ? Alas you are damned again and you teeter on the edge of the land of the Dark Triad.

No. 7 Sloth

You are crap and it’s all your own fault. Can’t get laid, can’t get off your ass, can’t be bothered to read up and get knowledgeable about game. Can’t be bothered to make an approach today ? Procrastinating and rationalising, you live a sad but comfortable life probably like every other AFC.

Note : Things are rather different now with Covid-19 so you can’t do what or who you might like to otherwise. Approaches and game are pretty unviable currently so it is the perfect opportunity to drive your couch and most unslothfully read, think, plan, meditate and transcend !

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Seven Deadly Sins of Game and find some of the information and links useful to you.

Next Up : Lady Shields (aka B***h Tests or S**t Tests)

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